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Health of the soil connected to health of plants, animals and humans.

Growing vegetables, adding compost and minerals was our next plan.
Garlic was our first crop, healthy, plump, and oh so full of flavour, with very favourable feedback from our customers. Some have asked why our garlic is so full of flavour, compared to other garlic on the marketplace. The answer - compost with minerals. The plants can use the minerals in the soil if made available to the plant by the microbes in healthy soil.
More people are concerned with - “How their food is grown”, they realise that food grown without chemical fertilisers and pesticides is a safer, more nutrious option. Balancing the minerals in the soil, with compost, allows the plants to take up just what the plant needs, when the plant needs it, producing strong nutrient dense plants.
Nutrient dense food, packed full of flavour, is what we like to grow at Little Billabong Station.

Photo gallery from the farm