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We are now able to provide compost and compost/mineral blends custom made for your specific needs. We recommend that soil tests be done to ascertain any minerals that may be out of balance, so they can be added to the compost, resulting in improved nutrient availability, less leaching and reduced spreading costs.

Soil Testing

We encourage customers to take soil samples and have soil tests of the area they are intending to improve, every two years, to monitor the mineral balance of their soils and to determine any mineral deficiences that may need to be addressed.


ConventionaI farming operations can benefit by cutting back on chemical fertilizers and applying compost mineral blends.

Using compost, the nutrients in the soil are transferred to the plant by the microbes, resulting in strong plants that are resistant to pest pressures, meaning less need for pesticides.

Every farm can benefit from improved soil health and reduced costs.


Compost is the perfect medium to mix in the much needed minerals, so often lacking in our soils, to help bring our soils into balance. Minerals complexed with humus in compost will not leach like water-soluble fertilizers. Research has shown that when minerals are included with compost they were up to 10 times more efficient.

Chemical fertilisers kill many of the soil microbes needed to build healthy soils, so we prefer to use natural minerals to balance our soils.

Compost is often lower in the major plant nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium - to be called a fertiliser, although it does contain some nutrients, there are substances in compost that make iron, zinc and other minor nutrients available to the plants.